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Mum flowers and basil tea

5 octobre 2016

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img_1587-1024x1024I came home with several gorgeous potted mums last week and the girls couldn’t help plucking a few stems from the ones sitting right next to them in the car. I put them with the little bouquet of basil they gave me earlier that day. The combination of herbs and flowers looked very pretty on my window sill and inspired me to do a little research. Mum flower are actually edible according to this healthline article and you can use basil to make tea. So tomorrow, I’ll start drying some mum flowers and try to make some mum flowers and basil tea. Why not?

Basil is a natural anti inflammatory and is used to treat colds, upper respiratory infections and many other minor ailments, check out this article for more information on the virtues of basil. Mums flowers are also used to treat infections, headache and colds according to this article by Livestrong. I have been struggling with a cold and bad cough for a week now. Maybe it’ll help.


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