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Autumn night on the porch

5 octobre 2016

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Fall is my favorite season. Before you know it, it’s too cold to sit on the porch at night. I was able to catch a short hour for myself after we were done bathing and putting the girls to bed last week. I made about an inch worth of progress on the mermaid tail blanket I started knitting about a month ago. Check out the pattern on Ravelry, I had to teach myself how to do the quilted lattice stitch and it’s actually pretty easy once you watch this YouTube clip a few times. At this pace, by the time I’m done, it’ll be too small for my daughter who’s growing like a mushroom. I wasted about 10 minutes looking for my missing purple needle cap. The girls love to play with them. I gave up and improvised (see picture below). It’ll do for now. I spend so much time getting ready to relax that I often lose the very little time I had set aside for myself. The house has to be clean and orderly, I need the right music, a hot cup of tea, the right temperature. I get up ten times to fix things, water a plant, put away a pair of shoes, etc. Of course, each item only takes a minute or so, but there are 60 of those one minute things I could do and there goes my hour. The house is together (never enough for my taste) but I have to push back « me » time to tomorrow. It’s as if I were procrastinating to avoid relaxing but one aspect of mindful is to accept the way things are and just be in the moment. One of my favorite mindfulness quotes goes roughly like this: Daily chaos will never cease, don’t fight it, find your rhythm with it.  I don’t know how to be at pimg_1583eace when my environment is a mess. My parents used to say that : « Si tu n’es pas bien rangé(e) dans ta vie, tu n’es pas bien rangée dans ta tête. » (If you are not orderly in your life, then you are not orderly in your head). Is being orderly even a good thing?


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