Soupe de butternut grillée à l’ail

La butternut, c’est bon pour la santé? Oui, et en plus c’est bon tout court!  La butternut est une excellente source de fibres, de vitamines A et C, de potassium, et de magnésium. J’ai appris récemment que la vitamine A est excellente pour les personnes en hypothyroïdie donc j’ai augmenté notre consommation de courge, carottes […]

Decorating the house for Thanksgiving

I have harvested all my pumpkins and gotten started on my Thanksgiving decor. Some are still growing, we’ve had a very long fall this year but Thanksgiving is approaching and the squirrels are eating them all. I thought that they’d be safe on the front porch but no. The squirrel repellent I bought does not […]

Citrouilles d’Halloween: idées et astuces

C’est la saison des citrouilles d’Halloween! Les courges ne sont pas très populaires en France. Ici, par contre, les supermarchés regorgent de courges et citrouilles de toutes tailles et de toutes formes dès la fin août. L’avantage des citrouilles et des courges, c’est qu’elles se conservent tout l’hiver. C’est une excellente source de fibres, vitamines et […]

Summer leaks into autumn…

This year, summer won’t quit although fall is well on it’s way. It’s November 11th and aside from a couple morning frosts that took the tomatoes plants down, we’ve had nothing but sunny warm days. Today, I planted an additional 65 tulip and daffodil bulbs that I purchased half price at the Home Depot. I […]

Mum flowers and basil tea

I came home with several gorgeous potted mums last week and the girls couldn’t help plucking a few stems from the ones sitting right next to them in the car. I put them with the little bouquet of basil they gave me earlier that day. The combination of herbs and flowers looked very pretty on my window […]