Decorating the house for Thanksgiving

I have harvested all my pumpkins and gotten started on my Thanksgiving decor. Some are still growing, we’ve had a very long fall this year but Thanksgiving is approaching and the squirrels are eating them all. I thought that they’d be safe on the front porch but no. The squirrel repellent I bought does not […]

Summer leaks into autumn…

This year, summer won’t quit although fall is well on it’s way. It’s November 11th and aside from a couple morning frosts that took the tomatoes plants down, we’ve had nothing but sunny warm days. Today, I planted an additional 65 tulip and daffodil bulbs that I purchased half price at the Home Depot. I […]

Autumn night on the porch

Fall is my favorite season. Before you know it, it’s too cold to sit on the porch at night. I was able to catch a short hour for myself after we were done bathing and putting the girls to bed last week. I made about an inch worth of progress on the mermaid tail blanket […]

Mum flowers and basil tea

I came home with several gorgeous potted mums last week and the girls couldn’t help plucking a few stems from the ones sitting right next to them in the car. I put them with the little bouquet of basil they gave me earlier that day. The combination of herbs and flowers looked very pretty on my window […]

Fall is here!

L’automne est arrivé! This is my favorite season, time to put on a sweater, sit on the swing and drink a hot cup of chai tea; decorate the porch with blooming mums, indian corn and homegrown pumpkins; buy some yarn; pick up a few good books from the library and switch over from salads and grilled meat to stews and soups. […]